Where can I try a BULLS eBIKE?

You can try a BULLS eBIKES at any of our eDEALER or watch out for the DEMO events we’ll be hosting in different cities nationwide. For more information on upcoming demo events in your region, please visit here.

Do I have to pedal?

Yes. All of BULLS eBIKES are pedal assist only, meaning you need to pedal in order for the eBIKE to run.

Can I ride a BULLS eBIKE as a regular bike, without the electric power?

Yes. It is easy to switch back and forth. For example, you might want to use the power only when you are going up hills.

How fast can a BULLS eBIKE go?

If you are pedaling, you can go as fast as you are able to pedal it. Most BULLS eBIKES stop providing electric assist while pedaling at 20 mph. The BULLS Outlaw E45 and other S-pedelec models will provide assist at speeds up to 28 mph.

How much will I reduce my carbon footprint if I use eBIKE instead of a car?

This depends on how much of your electricity comes for fossil fuels and the type of fossil fuels are used. In our home state of California, which gets 8.55% of its power from wind, 8% from hydro, and 40% from coal, an electric bike will emit LESS THAN 4% of the CO2 per mile compared to a car. In states that depend less on coal, an electric bike might emit only 2% of the CO2 per mile compared to a car. No matter how you calculate it, even though an eBike uses electricity that might come from fossil fuels, the amount of CO2 emitted compared to a car is insignificant.

How much does a BULLS eBIKE weight?

BULLS eBIKES generally weigh more than a regular BULLS BIKE due to the motor and battery pack. The average BULLS eBIKE weights between 40 to 50lbs, depending on the components.

Can I ride my BULLS eBIKE in the rain?

Yes. All of our drive systems have been tested in Germany’s rainiest weather with no issues. Additionally, each electric plug in the motor is secured with a waterproof seal to ensure safety in wet conditions. It should be noted that while wet conditions are acceptable for eBIKE use the eBIKES cannot be submerged in water.

Do any of the BULLS eBIKES come with a throttle mode?

No. All of BULLS eBIKES are pedal assist only. Your power is required to get the eBIKE moving

Does my BULLS eBIKE require a special maintenance?

No. BULLS eBIKES do not require any more maintenance than you would perform on a regular bike.

Do I need a license for my BULLS eBIKE?

No, you do not need a license. BULLS eBIKES are pedal assist only (meaning human pedaling power is required to run the motor) and only provide a boost to the legal speed of 20mph. No license is required and BULLS eBIKES can be ridden on bike paths.


What is the warranty on BMZ (Brose) batteries?

Brose offers a 2 year warranty on all electrical components. This includes the drive unit, displays, wires, and sensors. The battery will vary from 2 to 4 years or up to 1000 full charge cycles depending on the article number. BMZ (battery manufacturer) guarantees that the battery will retain a 60% capacity within the warranty period. Here’s a quick breakdown, Article # 27345-00 (2 year warranty) Article # 27345-01 (4 year warranty) Article # 27345-03 (4 year warranty) Article # 27345-05 (4 year warranty)

Do BULLS eBIKES recharge when applying brakes or going downhill, like a hybrid car’s regenerative braking?

No. All of the batteries that come equipped on our BULLS eBIKES can only be charged through an external power source.

Will my battery be safe to leave it outside?

The battery that comes with your BULLS eBIKE will come equipped with a key for security purposes giving you the option to remove the battery if you need to leave in a less secure area. As for weather conditions the battery has been tested and considered safe for even the most extreme conditions. Manufacturers recommend storing the bike in temperatures between 32⁰F and 100⁰F to preserve its longevity.

Will my lights still work if the battery runs out?

Yes. LED lights will continue to work for as long as two hours after the battery is empty.

How do I recharge my battery?

The battery may be left onboard the bike or detached for charging depending on system.

If I run out of the battery life, can I still ride the bike pedaling?

Absolutely. Even if the battery still has power, you can switch modes to turn the system off and pedal without the motor assisting. If you are commuting very far you can always pack your battery and recharge in between your destinations. The charger is very light, utilizes a regular 110V outlet and can fit easily in a backpack or saddlebag.

How long does it take to charge my battery?

Bosch Power Pack 400 1.5 hours 2 hours 3.5 hours
Bosch Power Pack 500 4.5 hours
Brose IPU EVO 37V/650Wh 3.4 hours 5 hours
Brose IPU 37/490Wh 2.7 hours 4.3 hours

What should I do with my old battery?

These batteries are recyclable. Be sure to bring them to the nearest recycle station. Ask your nearest eDEALER for more information.

How much electricity does it take to charge a battery?

This will vary on the capacity of the battery. Most batteries will usually take 400-500 watt-hours for a charge. A full charge would cost approximately 10 cents. When comparing eBIKES to any other form of transportation the cost is minimal.

How many charges can I get out of a battery?

Batteries will vary depending on the make and model. With proper care, the Bosch battery should provide a minimum of 500 cycles at full strength. Brose batteries provide 1000 cycles at full strength. After that the battery only holds approximately 80% of its charge. All batteries offered on BULLS eBIKES are lithium ion, which have no memory effect, so if your battery is only 50% depleted, it only counts as ½ of one charge. Batteries will be serviceable for between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.

How much does a replacement battery cost?

A spare battery costs between $800-$1,000 depending on the models, excluding sales tax.  

What is the range I can get from a single charge?

BULLS eBikes will offer different ranges depending on which battery and motor is being used. Individual variables will be determined by how much load is on the bike, terrain, tire pressure, drive system, and the mode being driven on. Check specific model for more details or ask an eDEALER near you.


What is the procedure of a claim?

For any claim please contact the authorized BULLS eDealer where you bought your ebike from. The dealer you purchased your ebike from will always be your sole point of contact. They will evaluate the claim and follow up with BULLS Bikes USA to get further instructions. To process your claim the fastest please have a copy of your proof of purchase and your ebike’s serial number with the dealer. If you are not local to the original seller and go elsewhere charges may incur. Please note that BULLS Bikes USA does not cover any labor or shipping costs therefore we recommend you settle the claim directly with the dealer where you purchased your BULLS eBIKE from.

What is the warranty policy of my BULLS eBIKE?

2-year warranty on the drive unit, 2-year on the battery, 5-year warranty on the frame, and 1-year warranty on other components excluding wear-and-tear parts.