BULLS Becomes Official E-Bike Sponsor for the Sea Otter Classic

Three-Year Contract Makes BULLS the Official e-Bike Show Sponsor and eMTB Race Sponsor

Los Angeles (Aug. 1, 2018) – BULLS today announced a three-year sponsorship agreement to become the official e-bike sponsor of the Sea Otter Classic, the world’s premiere cycling festival, through 2021. The eMTB Race for Sea Otter, which takes place during the bicycling and outdoor sports festival, will now officially be named the “BULLS eMTB Race ePowered by Bosch.”

“The Sea Otter Classic has arguably been the most significant trade event in our company’s history. We humbly launched our U.S. division in a 10-by-10-foot booth at the Sea Otter Classic three years ago, and through exceptional innovation and growth have risen to a position that affords us the opportunity to become the official e-bike sponsor,” said Fernando Endara at BULLS. “Along with innovation, BULLS holds a strong race pedigree, and the Sea Otter Classic strikes a perfect balance for us – the ability to showcase and demo our extensive lineup of premium bikes and prove our products at the ‘BULLS eMTB Race ePowered by Bosch.’ We are honored and excited to see what’s to come over the next three years with fans, athletes, and professionals at the Sea Otter Classic by our side.”

The 25-year-old German brand BULLS launched to U.S. consumers at the Sea Otter Classic in 2015 with its traditional line of mountain, urban and road bikes. BULLS launched its e-bike lineup the following year in 2016, also at the Sea Otter Classic. Each year BULLS has grown its presence at the festival by bringing more products to its booths and even introducing the succeeding year’s new models onsite.

“We’re excited to welcome BULLS aboard as our Gold level eBike sponsor,” said Frank Yohannan, president and CEO of the Sea Otter Classic. “As the eBike market continues to expand, Sea Otter Classic attendees expect to see and demo the best in this category. BULLS will deliver!”

BULLS was founded upon principles of professionally informed design and expert service so that riders of every discipline and level will have the ride they want and expect, from pro MTB riders to recreational eBike enthusiasts. BULLS’ sponsorship of the Sea Otter Classic echoes its desire for striving to set new industry standards and cement itself as the trusted brand in the eBike space.

Tim Boehme from Team BULLS at Sea Otter 2017 – 3rd place in the eMTB Race ePowered by Bosch

eBike for Law Enforcement: Real Life Experience

As you may have seen posted on social media over the last few weeks, we had the privilege of delivering the largest law enforcement eBike fleet in the country to the Los Angeles Police Department. While we are very pleased with the bikes, the relationship with LAPD and the credibility this gives us worldwide, we are even more pleased when we know these bikes are working to help officers better serve their community. Here’s one account told straight from Sgt. Shannon Geaney of the Los Angeles Police department.

“I am a Sergeant assigned to Hollywood Division, though I am not typically assigned to the bike detail.  It just happened that on the day I needed to attend the Bicycle Officer recertification they were certifying officers on the eBikes.  A few weeks later the eBikes were delivered to Hollywood Station in preparation for the massive deployment required to manage New Year’s Eve.  On New Year’s Eve I was assigned a squad of bicycle officers, though only two of us were deployed on eBikes.  We were conducting an investigation of a bar-fight when approximately three blocks away officers broadcast a Help Call for a shooting in progress.  Knowing I was likely going to be among the first supervisors to respond, I immediately start preparing mentally while considering our tactical response, the potential for injured officers, the need to direct the response of additional resources enroute, apprehension of suspects, medical treatment to victims, etc….  Needless to say, the last thing I want to consider is my actions being compromised by an all-out sprint response.  Having an e-bike gave me the advantage of arriving prepared to address the immediate situation with focus.

With the traffic congestion of Hollywood, the Bike Squads can typically respond faster than vehicles in short range…the eBikes greatly expand that range.” 

Law Enforcement experience indicates that officers on bikes and ebikes are easier for the community to trust because they’re more accessible and there are literally and figuratively fewer barriers to establishing connection and trust. The drawback to traditional bikes for patrol purposes is what Sgt. Geaney alludes to- that officers may arrive drained and unable to respond at full capacity with all their faculties.

Add to this, as Sgt. Geaney further explains, close range response time is often faster on a bike than a cruiser, especially in heavy traffic conditions and that “close range” expands on an ebike. BULLS eBikes as police patrol bikes create a win-win for everyone- officers and community members alike.

For more information on BULLS’ Police Bikes email us.

LAPD’s New eBIKE Fleet – BULLS Sentinel

LAPD selected the BULLS Sentinel to make up their fleet of 20 police-specific eBikes, making this the biggest law enforcement eBike fleet in the U.S. In a news conference held outside LAPD HQ, Chief Beck lauded eBikes for their ability to allow officers to respond to calls for service more quickly and with more energy, often allowing officers to respond more quickly than cruisers. BULLS was able to spec this bike to meet the specific demands (and abuse) of LAPD and similar public safety agencies.

(video courtesy by ABC7 News)

E-bike Summit

Ok, so E-Bike Summit doesn’t exactly shout “FUN!”. But for the e-Bike nerd in us, the 2017 e-Bike Summit put on by BPSA and People for Bikes, hosted by Shimano at their U.S. headquarters in Irvine, CA, was an informative blast. The summit drew advocates and industry reps from OEMs, IBDs and EBDs. We are proud to have supported the e-bike initiative for the last three years now and to have seen the results of our partnership. Here are a few highlights. 

Advocacy Efforts

  • In 2017, four states passed e-bike friendly law- Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. Here’s a current map of U.S. progress. 
  • Mapped acceptable eMTBs trails across the U.S.
  • Developed advocacy playbook
  • Held demos for land managers

Market Research

  • The typical e-bikes customer is a 55-64 year old, caucasian male that makes 100,000-149,000 annually. 
  • 93% of e-bike riders had ridden standard bikes as adults. In other words, they have experience riding, debunking the myth that e-bike riders don’t know what they’re doing. 
  • The majority of riders polled, 51%, report that they are in very good or excellent health
  • The most popular category of new eBikes purchased was eMTB at 29%, compared to 12% conversion kits installed on new standard bikes with and 13% step-thru models. 
  • 80% of e-Bikes were purchased in the last 3 years
  •  About 50% of e-bike buyers used information from product comparison sites, and over 20% visited retailers to make their buying decisions
  • battery range was the highest consideration for purchase, followed by price. 
  • A vast majority of e-bike trips replaced solo car drives. 
  • more research and stats



IMBA’s new position statement on eMTBs

 IMBA is supportive of Class 1 eMTB access to nonmotorized trails when the responsible land management agency, in consultation with local mountain bikers, deem such eMTB access is appropriate and will not cause any loss of access to non-motorized bikes.


from Clouds to Crowds – the eBike Expo in San Mateo


What began as the rainiest expo yet, ended up with sunshine and nearly 2500 rides on hundreds of bikes from over a dozen companies. BULLS is happy to report the most rides of any single bike manufacturer at the Expo.

While these expos can take their toll on our team, sharing some of the same information about our ebikes over three straight days, we were never tired of seeing the famous ebike smile. This expo, the winner of the most ebike smiles from the BULLS lineup goes to….the E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5+! This All Mountain eMTB continues to draw the interest of expo-goers and IBD customers alike all over the continent.

Second and third places go to the Six50+ E FS 3, our All Mountain eMTB powered by Bosch, and the Six50 E2 Street speed pedelec eUrban bike respectively. One attendee rode 15 bikes but kept coming back to the Six50 E2 Street and remarked that “this was the commuter bike I want- tough, low profile and fast.” He went into one of our dealers the next day to place an order.

This shows the power of these events to both educate newbies and help riders make informed decisions based on their own experience, as well as the professional input from leading manufacturers.

As always the expo was a mixture of first-time eBike riders and those who have followed the tour all over the country and have been carefully selecting their next e-ride. San Mateo was a convenient location for supporting our local dealers in the bay area- Motostrano, Ebikelane and ELV Motors.

Now on to Sea Otter and then Salt Lake City, UT!



Ranger Ride

It seems to me that to stay in this industry for any length of time, we need to be connected to more than just the business of bicycles and ebikes. Perhaps maintaining that connection happens through seeing the joy when a kid gets her first bicycle from your shop or seeing that well-known eBIKE smile that crosses most people’s faces the second they get on an ebike and feel the power kick in.

For our partner, Bosch, one way that’s happening is through their pursuit to educate riders on the safety and use of eMTBs. Last fall some members of the Bosch team met with two Socal Regional park rangers for a demonstration ride. One of these rangers, Joel (not his real name), was an avid mountain biker and was eager to ride some eMTBs. His partner, Lance (not his real name), not so much. Judging from his stature, this ranger was a hiker and didn’t appreciate, what he considered to be higher impact users, like bikes and equestrians, on his trails. After some convincing from Joel, he agreed to ride.

The small party had been riding for 5-10 minutes when they arrived at the first overlook. Lance kept riding. The others followed. A short while later they came to a 2nd overlook. Lance remarked, “it’s been a long time since I’ve been up here.”


Still Lance rode on and the others followed until the group came to the third and final scenic overlook, difficult for even hikers to get to, much less MTB riders. That’s when Joel turned to Lance and asked, “how long has it been since you’ve been up here?” With some wonder and awe, Lance said simply “years.”

Lance realized the accessibility, and thus the appreciation for the parks that could be gained through eMTBs, at least enough to get behind a follow up ride to expose more rangers to these life changing eBIKES. BULLS was able to contribute a number of EMTBs so that every ranger got to ride.


In the end, the rangers did not give full support to the effort to educate riders due to old local ordinances that run contrary to state law, but the conversation is open. These rangers have a tough job preserving the pristine nature of the parks, while increasing accessibility equitably. And we’re proud to partner with Bosch as they patiently persist in this conversation, educating and informing until equal access is achieved.


Santa Monica eBIKE Expo

December 2-4, BULLS was among the twenty eBIKE brands present at the final stop of the 2016 Electric Bike Expo Tour. This free event was hosted and organized by the Electric Bike Association and Pedal Love and sponsored by our long-time partner, and industry leader, Bosch.

Friday afternoon, the first day of the Expo, EBA hosted a policy and media tour in which members of the media had the chance to test ride some of the bikes before the general public. I few tour participants mounted the BULLS DAIL-E GRINDER, one our 2017 eTrekking speed pedelec models. We enjoyed a tour of Santa Monica’s excellent bike infrastructure as we cruised side-by-side on eMTBs, eCargo Bikes, eCruisers and eTrekking bikes, a reminder that while we compete for market share, at the end of the day, we want people riding bikes safely.

ebike expo santa monica 2

One of the things that stood out about the expo was the number of first-time eBike riders there. Many people didn’t even understand what an eBike really was and the difference between throttle and pedal assisted bikes. Overall it was a great opportunity to educate and showcase the best in the industry. Over 900 test rides were taken over the course of the weekend.

Our Monster E S eFatbike was displayed for demo prominently at the Bosch booth and was among the most popular rides of the fleet. Meanwhile, back at the BULLS stable, our speed pedelec models (28mph) received plenty of attention, as did our Bosch and Brose powered eMTBs.

A few customers remarked, “you guys have the best stuff here.” Feedback like this helps us know we’re not crazy to think we have some of the best bikes on the market- design, variety, geometry, components, not to mention the winsome smiles of our event team.

We were grateful for the support of Bike Attack Electric and glad to be able to send expo participants their way for their next (or first) eBike purchase.

ebike expo santa monica 1


I was up in the Bay Area this last week for the Mountain Bike Demo with Motostrano and the Fall Series at Genentech put on by Toward Route Zero. On the weekend, I got to hang out with one of my best friends and riding buddies. Chris was with me when I wrecked and had to be airlifted and we’ve biked Southern and Northern California, as well as Colorado together. He’s taught me much of what I know about cycling. Needless to say, we’ve had our share of adventure together. This would be another. When arranging to hang out with Chris and his family, he mentioned meeting up with some friends for a road ride from Golden Gate park over the bridge and up Hawk Hill. Knowing I had a van full of bikes he asked me if I wanted to go. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to ride, I agreed and grabbed the most suitable bike from my quiver- the LACUBA EVO E45 Step-thru. I knew I was out of shape and out of place with my cargo shorts (borrowed from Chris), running shirt and Converse All-Stars atop the plush padded seat of the LACUBA and amid my Lycra-laden fellows.


Fortunately this crew was not outwardly antagonistic toward ebikes and humored this sore thumb as we set off toward the Golden Gate bridge on this sunny cool Sunday afternoon in autumn. I engaged in some self-abasing humor and we set off. The ride was smooth and the views were breath-taking, until that last pillar of the bridge before entering Marin. Suddenly, we were stood up by 30mph winds and sideways rain. Still we pedaled on, up the 900 foot climb to the top of Hawk Hill at Marin Headlands. As we pedaled, I remained seated and cruised past my suffering comrades, even as rain poured and winds blew. At the top I acknowledged the effort the others had made and what superior human beings they all were at which point they asked more questions about the LACUBA and about BULLS.

Chris and I headed back as the others continued. On the way back we faced the same wind, but this time accompanied by hail, stinging our lips like little tacks. I was drenched to the bone and struggled to keep warm. I dialled down the assist to increase my heart rate so I could warm up a bit.

By the end of our ride I had dried, the rain had stopped and our 2034 feet of climbing over 24 miles had us hungry for some chicken chilli.

Running of the BULLS

Pamplona, Spain is the historic city known for the Running of the Bulls at the Festival of St. Fermin. This world renown tradition has been a hallmark of world culture since the 1500s.

Six hours south of it’s legendary neighbor, Alicante, Spain overlooks the coast of Spain with sweeping views of the Meditaranean Sea. It was here, only a week ago, that a couple dozen mountain bikers and dealers took to the trails for another kind of “running of the Bulls”. It was a great opportunity to push some of Bulls Bikes’ best to the limit.

One ride featured Bulls’ award winning fleet of XC and Enduro mountain bikes, while a second ride showed of the sleek and strong line-up of Bulls electric Mountain bikes.

Interbike 2016

In the world of eBIKES, we face some skepticism from traditional cycling purists who want to work for their rush. That skepticism usually lasts about three seconds- when a rider pushes that first pedal down and feels the motor kick in to meet their effort.

At Interbike’s Outdoor Demo riders took to the trails some of our latest models, returning with smiles. We even heard giggles from hardcore, grown men who couldn’t contain how much fun their Bulls eBike riding experience was.

Check out the line up of our new beasts here with Electric Bike Report!