I was up in the Bay Area this last week for the Mountain Bike Demo with Motostrano and the Fall Series at Genentech put on by Toward Route Zero. On the weekend, I got to hang out with one of my best friends and riding buddies. Chris was with me when I wrecked and had to be airlifted and we’ve biked Southern and Northern California, as well as Colorado together. He’s taught me much of what I know about cycling. Needless to say, we’ve had our share of adventure together. This would be another. When arranging to hang out with Chris and his family, he mentioned meeting up with some friends for a road ride from Golden Gate park over the bridge and up Hawk Hill. Knowing I had a van full of bikes he asked me if I wanted to go. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to ride, I agreed and grabbed the most suitable bike from my quiver- the LACUBA EVO E45 Step-thru. I knew I was out of shape and out of place with my cargo shorts (borrowed from Chris), running shirt and Converse All-Stars atop the plush padded seat of the LACUBA and amid my Lycra-laden fellows.


Fortunately this crew was not outwardly antagonistic toward ebikes and humored this sore thumb as we set off toward the Golden Gate bridge on this sunny cool Sunday afternoon in autumn. I engaged in some self-abasing humor and we set off. The ride was smooth and the views were breath-taking, until that last pillar of the bridge before entering Marin. Suddenly, we were stood up by 30mph winds and sideways rain. Still we pedaled on, up the 900 foot climb to the top of Hawk Hill at Marin Headlands. As we pedaled, I remained seated and cruised past my suffering comrades, even as rain poured and winds blew. At the top I acknowledged the effort the others had made and what superior human beings they all were at which point they asked more questions about the LACUBA and about BULLS.

Chris and I headed back as the others continued. On the way back we faced the same wind, but this time accompanied by hail, stinging our lips like little tacks. I was drenched to the bone and struggled to keep warm. I dialled down the assist to increase my heart rate so I could warm up a bit.

By the end of our ride I had dried, the rain had stopped and our 2034 feet of climbing over 24 miles had us hungry for some chicken chilli.

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