from Clouds to Crowds – the eBike Expo in San Mateo


What began as the rainiest expo yet, ended up with sunshine and nearly 2500 rides on hundreds of bikes from over a dozen companies. BULLS is happy to report the most rides of any single bike manufacturer at the Expo.

While these expos can take their toll on our team, sharing some of the same information about our ebikes over three straight days, we were never tired of seeing the famous ebike smile. This expo, the winner of the most ebike smiles from the BULLS lineup goes to….the E-Stream EVO FS 3 27.5+! This All Mountain eMTB continues to draw the interest of expo-goers and IBD customers alike all over the continent.

Second and third places go to the Six50+ E FS 3, our All Mountain eMTB powered by Bosch, and the Six50 E2 Street speed pedelec eUrban bike respectively. One attendee rode 15 bikes but kept coming back to the Six50 E2 Street and remarked that “this was the commuter bike I want- tough, low profile and fast.” He went into one of our dealers the next day to place an order.

This shows the power of these events to both educate newbies and help riders make informed decisions based on their own experience, as well as the professional input from leading manufacturers.

As always the expo was a mixture of first-time eBike riders and those who have followed the tour all over the country and have been carefully selecting their next e-ride. San Mateo was a convenient location for supporting our local dealers in the bay area- Motostrano, Ebikelane and ELV Motors.

Now on to Sea Otter and then Salt Lake City, UT!



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